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President may perversely be rewarded for making little progress on his top priority

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The details of proportional representation may seem dull but they could stymie Remainers

A moderate consensus has been upset by the Catalan question and the return of nationalism

India’s election shows the risks of social media platforms becoming private messaging groups

SPIN999 SeriesBrexit blues

The protracted messy departure from the EU is proving bad for people’s mental health

The SPIN999 ViewThe editorial board

Late payments kill an estimated 50,000 small businesses a year

It is never wise to bet against Turkey’s president, but voters could back the underdog

What counts is implementation not innovation, and here the Chinese have big advantages

Markets are wrong to think Powell should adopt Draghi’s strategy of monetary easing

The uprisings against Bouteflika and Bashir lack enduring power to oust autocracies

AnalysisThe Big Read

Some fear president’s alliance with Islamic cleric will drive up intolerance in the south-east Asian country

Creating this non-voting class means we could issue more equity without losing vital control

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