Science Fiction

Cyborg Assault (dystopian, percussive, epic, action)

Voyage to the Unknown (mysterious, journey, spacious, strings, horns, arpeggios)

Spirit in the Decay of Industry (dystopian, emotional, epic, dramatic)

A Star of Possibilities (dreamy, positive, ethereal, building)

Entering The Bubble (mystery, searching, discovery)

The Wonder Machine (pulsing, heavy, epic)

An All New World Awaits (discovery, wondrous, searching)

Heavily Armored (impending, building, military, dystopian)

Now Entering Deep Space (building, cartoony, fun, grandiose)

Jump (searching, epic, percussive, militaristic)

Space Nymphs (searching, soothing, floaty)

Cloning Research (disturbing, cold, searching, pensive, strings)

Pick Your Racer (hip, video game, cool, fun)
Machines in the Desert (uplifting, military, industrial)

A New Planet (discovery, wondrous, searching)

It Landed In Our Backyard (mysterious, campy, goofy, UFO)

Time Travels (emotional, strings, longing, magical)