River Story (strings, passionate, emotional, sentimental)

My Wish Came True (loving, magical, tender, elegant)

Rose Poem (longing, wistful, expressive, emotional, lush)

Violin Romance (expressive, magical, expressive, passionate)

Won't You Join Me? (tender, piano solo, dreamy, mellow)

Memories to Flesh (violin, passionate, serious, expressive, classical)

The Dark Prince (piano, strings, haunting, expressive)

Lips in Smoke (film noir, lush, soft, forbidden)

A Marriage of Ideals (magical, playful, tender, loving)

Rapturous Anticipation (strings, cello solo, passionate)

The Light of Your Eyes (piano, magical, tender, lovely, flowing)

This Kind of Certainty (piano, strings, memories, emotional)

On My Mind Tonight (piano solo, jazzy, playful, flirty, mellow)

Appassionata in C minor (classical, violin, expressive, passionate)

A Lover's Dream (violin, expressive, declaration of love, lyrical)

Lips in Smoke (film noir, lush, soft, forbidden)

Dangerous Hearts (lush, journey, elegant, dramatic)

Poetry in the Desert (strings, quiet, lovely, moving)

My Heart to Thee (tender, sincere, simple, acoustic guitar, classical)

Sage Dance (English, ritual, traditional)

Maiden Voyage (dramatic, lush, dreamy)

Desperately Wanting (longing, lovesick, yearning, passionate)

Always With Me (simple, piano, tender, intimate)

I Can Stay a Little Longer (tender, theatrical, lush, lyrical)

A Little Night Jazz (piano solo, expressive, intimate, sentimental)

Moonlight Melody (mellow, classical, expressive, emotional)

Night Maker (intimate, dramatic, tempting, searching)

You're My Cheesecake (flirty, light, curious, whimsical)

Fork Meets Spoon (fairy tale, harpsichord, clarinet, playful, classical)

Until I Find You (searching, longing, dreamy, atmospheric)