Groovy, Funky, Pop

Scissor Squat (happy, catchy, attitude, upbeat, electronic)

Slow Motion Love Machine (sexy, mellow, dreamy, hot, pop)

The Moonlight Club
(dancing, social, space, catchy, hot)

Mischief Industries (hip, energetic, mischievous, epic, villainous)

Urban Animation (cool, clubbing, fresh, adventure, catchy beat)

Do It Good (sexy, percussive, guitar, steampunk)

Office Burger (chill, relaxed, easy, funky)

Mambo Crusader (swagger, heroic, sneaky, silly)

Meet My Muscle Car (sexy, hot, masculine, tough)

Summer Vacation (light, indie, easy, happy)

Sizzle on the Vine (chill, relaxed, playful, funky)

Motorcycle Groove (building, epic, steam punk, grinding)

Pick Your Racer (hip, video game, cool, fun)

The Dangerous Ladies Gang (sexy, dominating, guitar, tempting)