Nostalgia or Sentimental

Friends Who Listen (piano, strings, heartfelt, poignant)

Just Like Old Times (gentle, jazz percussion, happy times, wistful)

A Little Night Jazz (piano solo, expressive, intimate, romantic)

Rose Poem (longing, wistful, expressive, emotional, lush)

The Time It Takes (piano, strings, poignant, meaningful)

Summer Vacation (light, indie, easy, happy)

Hitch a Ride (Western, acoustic guitar, piano, light percussion)

Moonlight Melody (mellow, classical, expressive, emotional)

The Light of Your Eyes (piano, magical, tender, lovely, flowing)

River Story (strings, passionate, emotional, sentimental)

A Glimmer in The Mist (soft, piano, tender, slow)

Bah Humbug (enchanting, wistful, magical, regret)

The Family Farm (wholesome, piano, violin, simple, prairie)

Hearts and Hearths (magical, holiday, tender, memories)

A Friend Beside Me (piano, intimate, tender, emotional)

The Old Mill (nostalgia, simple, emotional, magic)

Those Misty Hills (acoustic guitar, Irish, flute, memories)

Frosted Windows (sweet, magical, memories)

Crispy Breeze (travelling, mellow, piano, strings, clarinet)

A Buddy to Study With (friendly, warm, curious)

Lighthouse on The Rocks (acoustic guitar, emotional, light, memories)

Sea Line (piano, strings, flute, simple, tender, nostalgia)