Mystery, Suspense

A Scarier Reality (intriguing, discovery, staccato woodwinds, piano)      

Unsolved Case (dark, slow, cold, strings, cellos)

There's Something in the Shed (atmospheric, frightening, disturbing, horror)

Entering The Bubble (sci-fi, searching, discovery)

Traces (intriguing, piano, flute, searching, haunting)

Beckoning Flute (solo, expressive, alluring, atmospheric)

Cavernous Drip (atmospheric, creepy, disturbing, horror, strings)

Mystic Rope (fantasy, curious, traveling, searching)
These Woods (dreamy, mellow, fantasy)

Crystalline Road (intriguing, building, magical, fantasy)

Lost in The Wind (atmospheric, dark, eerie)

Formula #3 (intriguing, discovery, staccato woodwinds, piano)

Someone Is Missing (detective, curious, investigation, woodwinds, percussion)

Forgotten Rot (atmospheric, creepy, disturbing, horror, droning)

Suspect (investigation, action, brass, staccato strings)

A Dark Scheme (cold, strings, sinister, plotting)

It Landed In Our Backyard (mysterious, campy, goofy, UFO)

Not Much Time (intriguing, anxious, searching)