Mystery, Suspense

A Scarier Reality (intriguing, discovery, staccato woodwinds, piano)      

Unsolved Case (dark, slow, cold, strings, cellos)

There's Something in the Shed (atmospheric, frightening, disturbing, horror)

Entering The Bubble (sci-fi, searching, discovery)

Traces (intriguing, piano, flute, searching, haunting)

Beckoning Flute (solo, expressive, alluring, atmospheric)

Cavernous Drip (atmospheric, creepy, disturbing, horror, strings)

Mystic Rope (fantasy, curious, traveling, searching)

Voyage to the Unknown (sci-fi, journey, spacious, strings, horns, arpeggios)
These Woods (dreamy, mellow, fantasy)

Crystalline Road (intriguing, building, magical, fantasy)

Lost in The Wind (atmospheric, dark, eerie)

Formula #3 (intriguing, discovery, staccato woodwinds, piano)

Someone Is Missing (detective, curious, investigation, woodwinds, percussion)

Forgotten Rot (atmospheric, creepy, disturbing, horror, droning)

Suspect (investigation, action, brass, staccato strings)

A Dark Scheme (cold, strings, sinister, plotting)

It Landed In Our Backyard (mysterious, campy, goofy, UFO)

Not Much Time (intriguing, anxious, searching)