Comic, Quirky, Mischief

Flamingo Parade (whimsical, playful, jolly, colorful)

Sneaky Birdie (mischievous, naughty, pizzicato strings, spy)

The Haunted Lunch Box (kooky, bouncy, playful, fun)

Mischief Industries (hip, energetic, mischievous, epic, villainous)

The Planet Zum (bouncy, jolly, mischievous, quirky)

Mambo Crusader (swagger, heroic, sneaky, silly)

Fat Cat - Fast Mouse (classical, piano, pizzicato, clarinet, curious)

Mean Squirrel (devious, cartoony, swagger, attitude, quirky)

The Slinky Slurp Monster (Halloween, creeping, low woodwinds, spooky)

Vampire Volleyball (bright, excited, Halloween, hijinx, fantasy)

Alligator Dance (sneaky, mischievous, bouncy, funny)

Dung Beetle Jig (Appalachian, catchy, southern, fiddle)

The Uh Oh Theme (whimsical, amusing, investigation, cartoony)

Prickly Pear (frustrated, pizzicato strings, piano, mellow)

Taiko Tension (Eastern, drums, build up, lively, parody)

Aliens in The Apartment! (wacky, weird, marching, campy, silly)

Salty Possum (mischievous, trek, magical)

Rapscallions! (feverish, classical, piano, epic)

King of Science (catchy, hip, fun, hot)

A Touch of Arsenic (naughty, strings, bouncy, Halloween, fun)

Legit Office Supplies (curious, whimsical, nonchalant, confident)

Lava Bear (stalking, adventurous, campy, tribal, cartoony)

Tuxedo Casino (rich, swagger, hip, arrogant)

Living Frisbees (magical, bright, whimsical, woodwinds, fluttery)

The Devil's Workshop (kooky, bouncy, playful, fun)

Greetings One and All (regal, royalty, pompous, friendly, presentation)

Waltz for Misfits (whimsical, playful, fantasy, delightful)

Jungle Cow (bassoon, quirky, trek, comical, journey)

Cookie Dough Fever (kooky, bouncy, playful, fun)

The Dump Trump Fanfare (parody, epic, bouncy, fun)

The Royal Hoopla (pompous, regal, selfish, marching)

Whistling Past the Grave (pizzicato strings, piano, curious)

Nothing Odd In Our Town (casual, whimsical, magical, deceitful)

Sweet Revenge (jealous, plotting, pizzicato strings, piano, classical)

The Lordly Ladies Have Arrived (regal, royalty, pompous, bright, classical)

Tommy Dillinger (sixties, detective, jazzy, criminal)

Here Come the Dancing Things (kooky, playful, kids, swagger, catchy)

The Python King (comical, bouncy, playful, silly)

Undercover Weasels (sneaky, mischievous, comical, percussive)

Handsome Darlings (epic, cartoon, detective, adventure, saxophone)

Happy Thieving (brisk, cheerful, family, bright)

This Is Mr. Bling (villainous, jazzy, epic, swagger)

Follow The Schoolmarm (amusing, wholesome, whimsical, magical)

Kitten Has Claws (playful, mischievous, naughty, piano, xylophone)

Tiptoe Hippo Hop (classical, bouncy, proud)

Doggie Dance Championship (weird, wacky, campy, competition)

I Am Not Batman (whimsical, adventurous, childlike, comical)

The Drizzle Waltz (cute, classical, light, whimsical)

Butter Frog (comical, swagger, mischievous)

Inspective Detector (sneaky, low woodwinds, silly, slow)

Just A Burglar (playful, naughty, sneaky, chamber ensemble)

We're Good Guys, Honest! (pompous, arrogant, amusing, classical)

Rumble Humble Tummy (pizzicato strings, hectic, anxious, dark comedy)

Pineapples (Hawaiian, cheerful, pleasant, silly)