Upset Thoughts (atmospheric, nightmarish, searching)

Snatched! (bouncy, wicked, building, tension)

Initiation Ritual (tribal, building, nightmarish)

The Devil's Workshop (kooky, bouncy, playful, fun)

Forgotten Rot (atmospheric, creepy, disturbing, mysterious, droning)

Animating the Dead (building, evil, atmospheric, dangerous, haunted)

Tempted by the Dark (alluring, soprano, dreamy, floaty, beautiful)

Graveyard for the Damned (Western, building, tense, nightmarish)

That Way Madness Lies (atmospheric, droning, disturbing)

There's Something in the Shed (atmospheric, frightening, searching, suspense)

His House Is Haunted (classic, ghostly, motif, searching)

The Slinky Slurp Monster (comical, Halloween, creeping, low woodwinds)

Lost in The Wind (atmospheric, mysterious, eerie)

Monster Catcher (Halloween, adventurous, campy, family)

The Wickedness (intriguing, flutes, strings, searching, beckoning)

Cavernous Drip (atmospheric, creepy, disturbing, mysterious, strings)

A Furious Underground (brooding, strings, revenge, plotting)

Monstrous (curious, nightmarish, building, epic)

Cookie Dough Fever (kooky, bouncy, playful, fun)

Suite for Glass Armonica (atmospheric, haunting, dreamy, slow)

Vampire Volleyball (bright, excited, Halloween, hijinx, fantasy)

So Tasty Delicious (haunting, vampire, brooding)

Stone and Cauldron's Brew (dynamic, bright, Halloween, rousing)

Feasty Eyes (bouncy, mocking, evil, violins, brassy)

Toothy Grin (dreamy, disturbing, mellow, slow)

Rumble Humble Tummy (pizzicato strings, hectic, anxious, dark comedy)

A Touch of Arsenic (naughty, bouncy, strings, Halloween, fun)
These Cursed Sweets (curious, magical, whimsical, spooky)

Squeaky Devil (strings, chamber, bouncy, scratchy, playful)

The Sky Turns Green (brooding, atmospheric, nightmarish)

They Watch (patient, dreamy, sinister)

The Haunted Lunch Box (kooky, bouncy, playful, fun)
Unrepentant (dramatic, melancholy, sad, mystical)