Night Rider (dark, stirring, vampire, lush)

Mystic Rope (mysterious, curious, traveling, searching)

Dance of the Ghouls (elegant, cello, haunting, expressive)

Gorilla Destiny (percussive, trek, jungle, epic)

In Dreaming She Wakes (lovely, mischievous, sweet, magical)

The Dark Prince (piano, strings, haunting, expressive)

Magic in the Orphanage (fairy tale, sweeping, lush, dynamic)

Army of the Undead (marching, epic, adventurous, dark)

The Bear Hog (sexy, percussive, guitar, steampunk)

Will o' The Wisp (mischievous, classical, dynamic, piano, pizzicato)

Stone and Cauldron's Brew (dynamic, colorful, Halloween, rousing)

Magic Voyager  (wizards, soaring, epic, magical)

The Morgan Star (searching, cosmic, emotional, longing)

Living Frisbees (magical, bright, whimsical, woodwinds, fluttery)

Vampire Volleyball (bright, excited, Halloween, hijinx, comical)

Faerie Circle (whimsical, sweet, twinkly, journey)

Kingdom of Wasps (marching, quirky, restless, nervous)

Skeleton Closet Waltz (bright, playful, dynamic, trumpet, strings)

Little Lady in A Large World (fairy tale, lush, colorful, magical)

Waltz for Misfits (whimsical, playful, light, delightful)
Dance of the Nightingale (mellow, dreamy, magical, cello)

The River People (native, tribal, percussive, flute, mellow)

Crystalline Road (intriguing, building, magical, mysterious)

Valhalla (heroic, dreamy, horn, drama)

Flights of the Imagination (uplifting, joyous, wondrous, dynamic)

There's Something Out There (mysterious, searching, wondrous, discovery)
Kingdom of The Jellyfish (searching, whimsical, uplifting, magical)

Spider Teacher (expressive, strings, stirring, haunting)

Motorcycle Groove (building, epic, steam punk, grinding)

The Witching Hour Arrives (dark, stirring, rousing, building)

The White Ocean (atmospheric, searching, dreamy, building)

Maple Street Magic Shop (melancholy, dreamy, mellow, haunting) 

The Good Witch (curious, lush, emotional, expressive)

Let In The Dark (building, cathartic, choir, violins, lush)

These Woods (dreamy, mellow, mysterious)

Witches and Wizards (epic, adventure, sweeping, rousing)
Chances and Changes (searching, inspiring, dreamy, magical)

The Spell Casting Rule Book (whimsical, playful, friendly, mischievous)