Night Rider
Dance of the Ghouls
Gorilla Destiny
Magic in the Orphanage
Army of the Undead
Stone and Cauldron's Brew  
Magic Voyager  
The Morgan Star

Squeaky Devil
Faerie Circle
The Bear Hog  
Little Lady in A Large World  
Will o' The Wisp
Dance of the Nightingale
The River People  
There's Something Out There  
In Dreaming She Wakes
Kingdom of The Jellyfish
Kingdom of Wasps 
Spider Teacher
The White Ocean
Maple Street Magic Shop
Haven Wood
The Good Witch
Feasty Eyes
Crystalline Road

Clouds On Silver
Let In The Dark 
Skeleton Closet Waltz
Witches and Wizards  
The Spell Casting Rule Book
The Witching Hour Arrives