Fanfares or Inspirational

The Heart of a Champion (triumphant, fanfare, inspirational, sports)

Effortless Motion (inner strength, piano, ethereal, mellow, striving)

Starburst Fanfare (jubilant, celebration, brassy, symphonic, dynamic)

Quiet Victory (moving, uplifting, mellow, piano, strings)

Flights of the Imagination (fantasy, joyous, wondrous, dynamic)

An Ode to Public Service (reverent, uplifting, quiet, woodwinds, strings)

Olympic Grace (triumphant, fanfare, inspirational, sports)

Jogger Man (uplifting, guitar, electric, acoustic, building)

Remembering Whistle Canyon (stirring, emotional, building, dramatic)

To Glory (theatrical, rousing, Shakespearean)

It's A Whole New You (cool, hip, confident)

Taking The Prize (joyous, triumphant, fanfare)

Salute (reverent, military, patriotic)
The Wonderful Sky Riders (triumphant, fanfare, uplifting, sports)

The Tournament of Champions (dynamic, colorful, triumphant)

Left! Right! (cute, children, positive, marching)
Westwood March (wholesome, family, triumphant)
Fanfare for Education (triumphant, uplifting, joyous)

Fanfare for Change (triumphant, brassy, uplifting)
The Roundup (western, joyful, uplifting)

An Era of Responsibility (stirring, emotional, uplifting, strings)

Open Prairie (spacious, acoustic guitar, lush, emotional)
Appleknocker Fanfare (triumphant, uplifting, joyful)