Family Secret (strings, haunting, stirring, dark)

I Understand (strings, contemplative, solemn)

Rapturous Anticipation (strings, cello solo, passionate)

The Lonely Traveler (haunting, piano, eerie, soft)

The Wonder Machine (pulsing, heavy, epic)

Requiem for Strings (mournful, stirring, haunting)

Poetry in the Desert (strings, quiet, lovely, moving)

Dance of the Ghouls (elegant, cello, haunting, expressive)

Learning to be Tender  (piano, delicate, thoughtful)

Heart Speak (strings, choir, elegant, sincere)

The Whale's Mouth (dreamy, mellow, haunting, hypnotic)
Dangerous Hearts (lush, journey, elegant, romantic)

The Greater Fool (quiet, uplifting, contemplative)

Nabizada (Middle Eastern, positive, meditative, mellow)

I'm of a Mind to Shine (dreamy, hypnotic, tempting, piano, vibraphone)

Maiden Voyage (romantic, lush, dreamy)

There Were No Others (expressive, sweeping, strings, tragic)

Valhalla (heroic, dreamy, horn, fantasy)

Richly Colored Waters (Indian, mellow, dreamy, positive)

A Diplomatic Enterprise (quiet, inspiring, thoughtful, strings)

Lament for Strings (mournful, expressive, haunting, lush)

The Resting Day (calm, strings, serene)
Beautiful Stalker (haunting, strings, choir, alluring)

River Rowing (Native American, mellow, serene, journey)

Unrepentant (creepy, melancholy, sad, mystical)

Common Prayer (strings, thoughtful, calm, meditative)

Remembering Whistle Canyon (stirring, emotional, building, uplifting)
The Black Hive (dangerous, mellow, stalking, curious)

Luck of the Draw (uplifting, guitar, piano, building)
Lost Causes (film noir, piano, strings, haunting)
Solitary Moon (dreamlike, searching, strings, haunting)
The Family Estate (elegant, uplifting, journey, strings)
Night Maker (intimate, romantic, tempting, searching)

The Admiring Class (investigation, inspiring, contemplative)
Accurate Reflection (meditative, calm, dreamy, uplifting)

Faintly Morning (calm, strings, serene, thoughtful) 

Chances and Changes (searching, inspiring, dreamy, magical)

The Wee Hour Land (violin, small, intimate, sad, serene)

Quiet The Mind (choir, meditative, calm)

Until I Find You (searching, longing, dreamy, hopeful)