Action Adventure

Adventures in Grocery Shopping (family adventure, fun, bright, playful)

The Glory of Battle
(heavy, epic, bold, courageous)

Tiger Claw (African, heroic, percussive, bright)

Intrepid Voyager (brassy, swashbuckling, sweeping, dashing)

Collision (strings, building, emotional, intense)

Military Might (eighties, fun, masculine, synthy)

Space Pirates (brassy, swashbuckling, sweeping)

A Terrible Force (heavy, epic, strings, relentless)

After That Kid! (fun, energetic, family, dynamic)

Cyborg Assault (sci-fi, dystopian, percussive, epic)
Airship Rescue (energetic, uplifting, family, heroic)

Taiko Tension (Eastern, drums, build up, lively, battle)

Monster Catcher (Halloween, campy, family, cartoony)

Urban Animation (cool, clubbing, fresh, journey, catchy beat)

The Fantastic Traveler (uplifting, wholesome, fantasy, dynamic)

Cursed Warriors (dark, fantasy, march)

Time For Another Adventure (fantasy, family, journey)

The Armored Vehicles Advance (dark, military, chase, tense)

We're Going in The Brush (journey, mellow, native, whimsical)

Paging Dr. Quotient (goofy, lively, wholesome, cartoony)

Find That Treasure Chest! (fantasy, exciting, frantic)

Skiff Chase (sci-fi, building, tension)

To Violent Fortune (theatrical, dramatic, noble)

Lava Bear (stalking, comical, campy, tribal, cartoony)
Indigenous Treasure (Australian, journey, trek)

Battle In The Palace (dynamic, playful, family, colorful)

Giant vs. Giant (percussive, fun, catchy)

Handsome Darlings (epic, cartoon, detective, adventure, saxophone)

Purrfect Escape (light, whimsical, adventurous, magical)

Incantation! (comedic, tribal, brassy, percussive)

The Pillager's March (mellow, pirate, silly)

Mouse To The Rescue! (cartoony, comedy, family, cute)

Good Guys vs. Bad Guys (dynamic, building, cartoony, epic)
Another Flying Lesson (family, fun, uplifting, sweeping)
Teddy to The Rescue (cartoony, silly, dynamic)

Treacherous Waters (pirate, percussive, journey)

Irresistible Hunt (guitar, percussive, grinding)

In The Enemy Camp (march, villainous, fun)

Archer and Shady Strike Again (march, comedy, villainous)

The Expedition (jungle, journey, trek)

Get Me On That Truck (impending, percussive, dark)
There's A Fever Afoot (percussive, nightmarish, desperate)

By Hook Or By Crook  (pirate, silly, march)

Star Traveler (dynamic, heroic, wholesome)

I Am Not Batman (whimsical, adventurous, childlike, comical)

Witches and Wizards (epic, adventure, sweeping, rousing)

Sacrificial Celebration (tribal, percussive, dangerous)

Pirate Getaway (fantasy, swashbuckling, family)